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Hello, I am Bob Freeman, station KI4SBL, and below are links to some personal interests, projects, and a few sale items, too.  

First, I would like to just say thank you to the folks at DODROPIN.ORG for supporting Amateur Radio!

Enjoy your visit (and buy some of my stuff)!

Apparently, I like to tinker.  Its just good clean fun.  Science, electronics, antennas, microwave engineering, and mechanics -- its all good stuff and you'll find some of it here.  

A click on the photos below will link you to additional detail on each topic listed, so go ahead and have a look!  And if link doesn't work, that probably means the page is planned but not yet in place.

Here's my latest project, CNCTRK, a portable satellite tracking system:             CNCTRK photo

Here's my CNC minimill project:             photo of minimill

Here's my page on ham radio:                photo of key

DIY Homebrew projects pages:              diy photo

Here's some stuff I have for SALE!!:             photo of stuff for sale

Travel pages and some photos, too:     NM photo

Here's a link to EMCAR, my homemade antenna range: polar plot

Antenna projects page (John Kraus, W8JK (SK) photo): Kraus

I hope you enjoyed the visit; thanks for stopping in.
If you have any interest in one of the projects above, drop me a line at  address .  

And, whatever you do, have fun!


Originated 2010-01-15
Revised 2010-03-10