Model MTS 2020 Robotics Seam Sealer

Description: The MTS 2020 is a seam sealing robot with six axes of coordinated movement, designed for the hermetic seam sealing of microelectronics packages. The Software is user friendly Windows based interface that allows up to 196 rectangular packages on a nest. Form driven object oriented programming is rapid and self explanatory.
Configuration: Robotics sealing head with electronic motion control interface.
Computer Control: 80486 microprocessor, VGA monitor, mouse, and full key board.
Positioning Accuracy: Resolution to 0.00025", repeatability to +/- 0.001" on linear axes, repeatability to +/- 0.009 degrees on rotation axis.
Operator Control: Operational control and programming from keyboard, operational control from within glove box enclosure via mouse / trackball and push-button switches located on the seam sealing robot.
Power Supplies: Standard software provides for operation of AC Synchronous or optional Inverter power supplies.
Sealing Formats: Welding, or reflow soldering.
Package Profiles: Standard software provides for circular, rectangular, PGA pin up, and BGA, up to eight inches (203mm) per package side, and matrix package formats.
Lid Tacking: Single, dual, or none (user selectable).


Digital Signal Processing. Provides for greatest control.
Closed Loop Feedback and Quality Assurance Monitoring.Enables consistent sealing regardless of line voltage or lid conditions. This provides for the highest possible sealing yields.
Up to 1,600 DC pulses per second available with optional Inverter Power Supply. Provides for the highest control resolution and fastest feedback response available. Increases sealing rates, yields, and provides unmatched repeatability.
2,000 Amps RMS (Inverter) More power for flexibility and sealing speed.
% Heat control for AC, programming in Volts, Watts,or Current for Inverter Supply. Simple programming provides a wide range of sealing flexibility and speed, while maintaining minimum package temperature.
Programmable in milli-second intervals for Inverter Power Supply. Provides for greatest sealing flexibility and speed, while maintaining minimum package temperature.
Familiar PC Windows Based User Interface. Easiest, most flexible software available.
High resolution stepper motors with optical limits. Superior control and repeatability.
Linear Slide Rails. Superior precision and stability.
Six Axes Motion Control. Single or multi-package sealing.
8 x 8 Inch Table Standard, Larger Tables Available. Large enough to efficiently weld most packages, and handle large matrixes for automation.
Largest Diameter electrodes. Cooler packages and electrode running temperature, longer lasting electrodes reduces machine down time.
Electrode materials are chosen per application. Only the finest materials are used providing longer life and no need for messy liquid conductors. This provides for highest yields and superior economy.
Electrodes are customized for individual applications. Perfect for PGA, Pins-up packages and other non-standard requirements.
Auto-track electrodes. Electrodes index after each weld using more surface area, increasing electrode life and reducing machine down time.
Closed loop feedback by stepper motor control for sealing force.Unsurpassed force accuracy, repeatability, and highest sealing yields.
Windows Based PC Interface. Easiest sealing software to learn and operate.
Full Color Monitor. Ergonomically better for operators.
Keyboard free software operation. Enables full function with mouse or track ball from within dry box enclosure.
Keyboard use outside of dry box.. Provides ease of naming files.
Upgradeable Software by Mail. One year free upgrades and warranty included with purchase.
Auto-Generate, automatic software function to generate matrix programs. Unparalleled flexibility and ease of use. Quicker setup with greatest precision.
Hard drive storage. Virtually unlimited number of schedules

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